Can’t Tell It All (Remix) – Lecrae Ft. KB

Download Can’t Tell It All (Remix) by Lecrae Ft. KB. Kevin Elijah Burgess, better known by his stage name KB, is an American Christian hip hop artist and music executive from St. Petersburg, Florida. He is the leader of the hip-hop group HGA. He signed a solo artist contract to Reach Records in 2010.  listen to KB songs free online here @ SOUNDOFNAIJA



Just can’t tell it all
I just can’t tell it all, all
Just can’t tell it all
Just can’t tell it all, yeahI’m ’bout to step in the ring for the fight of my life
Hit my knees and I strap on my gloves
Boy, I been prepping since like I was seven
And thing is I’m already covered in blood
Walking in love, this for the ones who been stuck in the mud
Searching for hope
Trust me, I know what it feel like to drown in my problems
But God came and threw me the rope
Can’t wait to look in His eyes
All of my life I been battling lies
I found the truth and took off my disguise
Come for my head, I still live for the prize
Woah, woah, woah
I was in the city going dumb, tryna blow
Everything changed when I learned to let it go
Hopping on stage, I ain’t in it for the show
Only got one life, so I gotta let ’em know
Talk about real
I seen a man’s whole back healed
I seen a woman drooling out the mouth
I seen the demons in her casted out
I seen my brother throw his whole vape in the lake
See Smooth healed from the dark
I’ve seen the Spirit change my own heart
Can’t tell it all, but this a good start

Just can’t tell it all
Just can’t tell it all
K to the second letter

Who got the keys to the Jeep and the hillock? (And the hillock)
They ain’t ever been realer
I am not shook, I’m in a lion den chillin’
My face blue steel, I ain’t ever been Stiller
Woo, KB ain’t gotta get bigger
Ooh, on Southside seein’ killers
Bring light to the dark spots, wake up
I didn’t make up this, God, the divine didn’t sell out
On the bread of heaven’s like the red and black elevens
Walkin’ through the pearly gates
I’ve been through the most, I’m in the Holy Ghost
I’m lookin’ like the Pope swervin’ rage
Ooh, they gon’ get the Word today
I sent a text back, never curve the faith
(Uh, Jesus) Curses break (Jesus)
Slaves get freed and the Word’s awake
Uh, ever seen a dope dealer? (Dope dealer)
Cold killer, go bring that crown on the floor with us (Crown on the floor with us)
‘Cause your whole freedom
Had a hole in ’em, now you got a Hulv’ in it?
Tell ’em the dead see heads
We the new Israel, Israel God really lives here
Washes the sin here way more, redeem ’em when He get here
We begin here

Just can’t tell it all
Just can’t tell it all
Just can’t tell it all
Just can’t tell it all

I put my hand on the Bible, the Lord is my witness
That KB is closer than blood
I got the HGA tatted right next to my heart
So you know it’s gon’ always be love
Don’t need no contracts or labels
You know we got him a seat at my table
Hulvey the bro, so I’m willin’ and able
I keep some riders at home in the stable
Woah, woah, woah
I done told it all, but I still got mo’
‘Member when the folks got killed next door
Partner told me “Seal pills, not blow”
Shawty told me my career won’t blow
Swear I don’t care ’bout a status
Why would I contract when God is my daddy?
Check on my records, my money, my Grammies
I’m still gon’ die richer than you can imagine, uh
Jesus the King, I’m His prophet
Send me to Nineveh, I get it poppin’
They seein’ interviews, swear I ain’t wit’ it
I say “Come see what I do in my city”
If I’m coolin’ with Kendrick
To walkin’ through Romans wit’ people in prison
Let me stop talkin’, ’cause man, I’ve been did it
Can’t let my left hand or my right position
Y’all just gon’ have to see when I transition
I can’t tell it all, man
Let’s go



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