Download Admiral Dele Abiodun Songs To Hear Best Juju Singing Style Of Africa

For people who do not know, Admiral Dele Abiodun, he is a famous singer hailing from Mid-western region of Nigeria.  He has been in the realm of music for approximately 20 long years and has played the roles of singer, guitaris and composer with great élan. He is one of the best JUJU musicians in the continent and he was an early starter in the world of African music. He shifted to Ghana from Nigeria in search of music study as well as to find a job to support his quest. He was a bass player for many years with groups that performed highlife music. He formed his own group in 1969 and named the band as Sweet Abby and the Tophitters. After forming the band admiral coined his own brand of music and he called the style of singing as Adawa. Several singles and LP versions were composed by the band and his top hit album Beginning of a New Era was released in 1981 which was followed by another hit album namely Ma Se’Ke. His songs were aimed at world level audience and his singing style is JUJU which is African traditional music.

Some of the Admirals top hits included You Are My Love, Ore Dani Oto Pon, Oje le Me Na, Mo Wo Otun, Kowo Kowo, Eje Iga Foro Kofa Odale, Confrontation, Alalo Moko, and Adawa Super Dub which you can listen or download from download admiral dele abiodun songs for free websites.  Admiral is the name he has added to his original name Dele Abiodun which also gives him unique identity and recognition. Admiral dropped from school at an early age because of his ambition to become a musician and then migrated to Ghana to achieve that. He is down to earth personality who is well liked at home whenever he gets time to visit his children. He is highly organized individual who emphasized and preserved discipline in all wake of his life and taught the same to his children.

Though his audience is international not many people outside of African may have heard his name except people of African migrated to other countries. It is a rare treat to listen to his voice as he is hailed among the best in Juju singing which is traditional singing style in Africa. You can download Admiral Dele Abiodun songs from websites for free and listen on your iPod or other similar devices.

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