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Among the various music genre that Africa’s populace listen gospel music or religious music stands out as one of the primary music type liked by them. These are mostly motivational Christian religion songs that have become integral part of music in Nigeria. In the60s and 70s evangelical church of West Africa with its choir made gospel music immensely popular. And some of the notable gospel singers included Bola Aare, and Ebenezer Obey and later, more singers were added to the gospel music playing and the included Panam Percy Paul, Tope Alabi, Onyeka Onwenu, and Kefee were remarkable. Many people are not aware where the music can be downloaded. The obvious place you should be looking for gospel music download is the websites that provide the music for free. You can download latest Nigerian gospel music from these sites that are more like a free service.

If you are not using internet then it is obvious that you do not know where to look for the music excepting conventional channels like music stores and churches. With the advent of internet now you can easily download your favorite Nigerian gospel music from online.  Gospel singing was brought in to practice in the 15th century by missionaries from Portuguese Catholic church. The songs were mostly sung during church services for worship. These were mostly with one line melody and without polyphony. With increased activities by missionaries in the mid 19-th century the practice was renewed and overcame past hiccups and lost popularity. The church missionary society or CMS owned by Church of England. Their activities mostly centered on south-west Nigeria. A different genre of gospel music was introduced by the CMS and it involved choir led hymns singing in congregations.

Gospel music rendered by singers like Kay Wonder, old skul remiz, EmmaOMG, Lekan Remilekun Amos, Laoulu Gbenjo                and other gospel singers can be downloaded from sites like If you like gospel music of Nigeria you can visit the website and download latest Nigerian gospel music free of cost or listen to the songs online.  It is also the easiest way to listen to gospel music.

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