Save me now – Dorinda Clark Cole

Download Save me now by Dorinda Clark Cole. Dorinda Grace Clark–Cole is an American Grammy Award-winning gospel singer, songwriter, musician, talk show host, and evangelist. Clark–Cole is best known as a member of the family vocal group The Clark Sisters and as a daughter of pioneering choral director Mattie Moss Clark.  listen to Dorinda Clark Cole songs free online here @ SOUNDOFNAIJA



Oh lord it’s me again I know it hasn’t been long
Since I made my request
And I m fighting it feels like a war
I have gone through so many battles
But nothing like this before
You see I have been trying but i have been losing but today I let it go
This is my conclusion.
Only you can
Save me now
Only you can
Save me
Ohhh. Ohhh save me
I need you Jesus to
Save me
When will all these trials end
Cause it’s been real long since they began
Sometimes it’s hard to
Wipe the tears
I have just been holding on
From prayer to prayer
Oh yea lord i m in your house
Needing something for my house I’ve tried every resource
Only you can work it out
Oh. Whoa
I need you to save me now whoa ohh I want you to
I need you save me now
No other help I know
Keep me from falling ay yea
I need you Jesus
I don’t know which way to go
I need your help oh oh oh
Save me Jesus
Somebody been praying lord please ohhhh
There is so much frustration in this place that I been in you see I am down on my knee and I am praying
I need thee
Only you can save me
Our father who are in heaven
I need you to hold my hand
Save me now I got tears in my eyes
I need you to save me
I need you to
I need you to
Save me now



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