The Good Shepherd – Yolanda Adams

Download The Good Shepherd by Yolanda Adams. Yolanda Yvette Adams is an American gospel singer and host of her own nationally syndicated morning gospel show. She has sold nearly 10 million albums worldwide, with some albums achieving multi-platinum status. Listen to Yolanda Adams songs free online here@SOUNDOFNAJIA

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Quietly He speaks to me
Gently He leads me
Lovingly the Shepherd carries me
He carries me hidden safely in His bosom
I feel His love inside when other times, my friend, I couldn’t
He knows just what’s best for me
The Good Shepherd knows, He knows
Just what I need
Quietly He speaks
Gently the Master leads
So lovingly He carries me to
A safe place of rest
And I feel the Master’s unconditional love
Everlasting love
Ever so deeply inside of me
I’m so glad Jesus knows
Just what’s best for me
The Good Shepherd knows
Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil, for Jesus is with me
He leads me, He guides me, He hides me
In the shelter of His arms
He holds me there
The Good Shepherd knows
Just what I need


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