The Lord Our God Strong and Mighty – Kurt Carr

Download The Lord Our God Strong and Mighty by Kurt Carr. Kurt Carr is an American gospel music composer and performer. While living in the city of Hartford, Connecticut, he served as Minister of Music at The First Baptist Church of Hartford located at the time on Greenfield Street. He is currently the Praise and Worship leader at The Fountain Of Praise in Houston, TX. listen to Kurt Carr songs free online here @ SOUNDOFNAIJA



The Lord our God is strong and mighty
The Lord our God is mighty in battle
Sound the alarm on the Holy mountain
He is wonderful and powerful
He’s mighty in His power
There is a battle against you and me
But not a war that eyes can see
We wrestle not against flesh and blood
But against power and principalities
So we must take up our spiritual weapons
And we must seek the refuge of God
For He is a strong and mighty tower
The devil is defeated today by His power
Who is the King of glory
The Lord strong and mighty
He is the King of glory
He is the Lord, He is the Lord
Oh, oh
Who is the King of glory


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